Healthcare costs are rising by the day – and unfortunately, so is the rate of lifestyle diseases in most developed and developing nations in the world. Managing our physical and mental problems from the get-go is crucial for a long, prosperous life. And now, new tools in the form of healthcare chatbots can help with this.

Chatbots interact with human beings and can appear as if they display authentic empathy, compassion, and understanding. Because they operate on mathematical algorithms, they are also extremely methodical in what they diagnose.

But that’s not all – the features and functions offered by AI-powered chatbots and apps are endless. Let us look at 10 such revolutionary healthcare services that users can easily enroll for online.

What is a Healthcare Chatbot?

AI is coming into use in almost every sector these days. One of the most socially uplifting areas of modern human society is specialized tertiary healthcare, so it is no surprise that health apps and chatbots are slowly rising to fill the gap created between the supply and demand of this major necessity.

Chatbots can handle a lot of work in the healthcare sector. The algorithms are trained to understand, monitor, and respond with urgency to physical and mental symptoms, sometimes also making implicit observations and asking the right questions to get essential information out.

Additionally, these apps can send notification reminders to patients to take medicine, order new medicine, set appointments with their doctors, and visit test centers. Some are even well suited to remind severe patients to take healthy meals at proper times or exercise lightly every day. 

Many users have started to rely on chatbots more and more because on one hand these are algorithm-based diagnostic tools that are not subject to personal prejudices like humans are, and on the other hand they can maintain precise records for almost everything. 

Plus, these apps have been created after years of research and promote principles of holistic medicine that don’t only focus on pathology but also help patients improve their quality of life.

How Does A Health Chatbot Revolutionize Medicine?

To finally find a satisfactory health chatbot, it is important to know the extent of their performance as well as the potential boundaries. Therefore, the question is well asked – how do patients benefit from using healthcare chatbots?

  • Diagnosis from the comfort of your own home. Patients who can’t make time for physical appointments can still get a diagnosis done. 
  • Immediate assistance from real practitioners. AI chatbots themselves are very conscious of their limitations – so not only are they quick to recommend a session with a real doctor, but they will also go ahead and book an appointment for you. 
  • Helps manage medication. These chatbots send reminder notifications, set alarms and timers, make calendar notes for the next appointment, etc. Some chronic patients also use these apps as alternatives to human nurses and physiotherapists for exercise and meal needs. 
  • Assist with insurance and other medical claims. Surprisingly, AI chatbots are very well-versed in insurance laws and best practices to cash that health cover!

10 Life-Changing Healthcare Chatbots that You Must Use in 2024

Chatbots feel and sound just like human beings. At the same time, they have far better memory and an ability to conduct and complete complex tasks within seconds, at times doing several of them simultaneously.

1. Symptomate by Infermedica

We've moved Symptomate to the next level

Several affordable plans of this health app assure acute and chronic patients that medical help is always a step away. This is a regular symptom checker AI assistant that can read past medical reports, prescriptions, images, etc, and provide detailed consultation on the needs of the patient.

Symptomate by Infermedica is one of the best AI health services out there. It is quick to adapt to the linguistic and cultural requirements of the user. The app includes a pre-screening notes step and is supported in its diagnosis by real-life medical professionals.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Woebot

Woebot: AI for mental health. Dear friends, | by Andrew Ng | Medium

This is a mental health chatbot that not only promises to help in better mood management but also social interactions! The theories employed by this platform mostly revolve around behavioral therapy and best assist day-to-day conditions that need to be managed or minimized.

The chatbot can be used for free on Facebook Messenger and comes in handy for those who cannot afford actual therapeutic intervention. This is because even though Woebot is an AI, it can create highly personalized solutions for each individual – even if they are suffering from a common and globalized condition.

Download for Android and iOS

3. HealthTap

Chatbots at HealthTap connect patients to physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, and other health professionals who can provide them with trustable medical advice. The first stage of symptom reading is done by sophisticated and cutting-edge AI technology after which the individual is referred to a certified real-life professional.

Individuals on the app can select doctors and nurses of their choice. They can find caregiving services, including urgent care and emergency medicine available 24/7. HealthTap also remains available to individuals when they travel outside of the US.

Download for Android and iOS

4. BuoyHealth

Need a Buoy? Buoy Health Launches the Future of Personalized Care with a Digital Health Marketplace

This AI is one of the best in the industry simply because of what a thorough investigation it conducts before every diagnosis. Talking to the BuoyHealth AI is like talking to a close friend, and the information provided by you goes through several screenings before a certain diagnosis is conveyed.

The app includes tutorials, blogs on products and services, blogs on the latest medical discoveries, etc. Buoy offers multiple care solutions to every patient and doesn’t forget to check on them again later to ensure they’re doing just fine! They also take regular initiatives to raise awareness about rising help concerns. 


5. Medisafe

Medisafe Secures $30M in Series C Funding to Build Future Model of Patient Support

The main purpose for which this app is used by patients is to track medication and remind themselves of schedules. Not only that, this chatbot is happy to also set reminders for subsequent physician appointments, test center appointments, vaccination reminders, etc.

The assistant can identify medicines using shape and color, track them through months, and present to you a report of your medical journey whenever you need it. It can help friends and family record and understand your body measurements like blood pressure, weight, general temperature, pain scores, etc. For that, you can share these notifications with other people as well.

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6. Healthily

Say Hello to Healthily

The brand is occupied with providing specific, accurate, and actionable information using chatbots that patients can put to use almost immediately. This is a compatible texting assistant available on Telegram, Skype, Android, iOS, Slack, and Facebook Messenger, as well as the app for Android and iOS, etc. 

Healthily can locate the nearest pharmacy, decode prescription text, make appointments at test centers, and even set reminders. Symptom checking is one of the biggest facilities that you get with the Healthify app. Treatments are discussed and such medicines might be allotted that come with minimum side effects. 

Download for Android and iOS

7. Youper

How to Build an App Like Youper? - Matellio Inc

Another much-needed mental health chatbot, Youper is specification trained to have meaningful conversations that improve the user’s emotional health. It can use advanced psychological techniques to suggest therapeutic remedies and mediate difficult situations.

Youper also comes with additional tools that track moods, guide meditations, turn conversations into journals, create analytic charts, and even provide informal personality analysis. Users also love to pick Youper because of the calming, fun user interface that is always inviting.

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8. Babylon Health

Telehealth company Babylon Health exposes customer consultations in data breach - SiliconANGLE

This subscription-based Health App launched in 2013 and Kane with a host of different features including an intelligent AI assistant. This assistant understands the medical history and can read symptoms in depth to offer AI consultation. 

Real doctors are also available who can grant appointments over video calls within a matter of days. Babylon Health provides 24/7 virtual care for emergencies. It stores and tracks patient information for a long-term analysis of physical development. Patience can also record calls and replay them later, as often as required.

Download for Android and iOS

9. Sensely

How to Develop AI Nursing Assistant App Like Sensely ? | Matellio

Molly, or Sensely, is a virtual chatbot medical assistant that uses images, text, and voice messages to understand the nature and severity of a patient’s symptoms. It also makes calls as together a certain condition needs professional intervention or just some good old self-care.

Sensely has an amazing algorithm that can ‘sense’ the need for emergency care pretty accurately. Similarly, it can notice and observe hidden words and implicit meanings in the conversation and then help the patient bring them out. The subscription is very affordable and can be used for adults and children alike.

Download for Android and iOS

10. Florence


10 Interesting Applications of Chatbots - CXService360

This service is a full-on Chatbot that can be initiated on several famous platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Kik. The app confirms information twice and regularly asks patients to update their health health info on the app. It sends useful notifications from time to time that look just like your best friend or family member texting you to remind you to take the pills!

As the name suggests, Florence is a 24/7 nurse who helps manage prescription medicines (when to take them, when to place orders, etc), reminds them of healthy milk plants and exercise regimes, tracks their mode, and even finds the nearest pharmacy or doctor chamber for those in need. 



Timely intervention in the field of holistic medicine and healthcare can lead to quick recovery and better future sustenance. Many of these chatbots indeed facilitate this by not only suggesting unique, behavioral suggestions but also locating nearby stores that sell such underrated health equipment. AIs are known for mathematical creativity, and in the field of medicine, this is indeed a godsend.