Artificial Intelligence is the future of all technological progress, including the growth of the medical sector. It can already be seen that AI healthcare companies are developing complex artificial thought concepts that can learn from every experience and expand their learning base constantly. 

Technology has made it possible for AI to become cheap and accessible for all, creating a new market for digital diagnosis, caregiving, and even therapy that is not only beneficial for these companies but even more so for the patients who are availing these services. 

Today, we are discovering the top medical AI companies that are paving the way for a systematic and automatic collection of patient information, structured and trustable diagnosis, and most importantly, physical and mental relief through AI intervention.

What is The Role of AI in Medical Healthcare and its management? 

AI plays a crucial role in transforming medical healthcare and its management. It enhances diagnostic accuracy by analyzing vast amounts of patient data and images, aiding in early disease detection. 

These medical AI companies trained algorithms to prioritize certain information over others, therefore increasing the chances of making the correct diagnosis. They can also maintain a personalized database of medical history for every patient under their care!

With AI-powered algorithms, you can get a holistic treatment plan made for your patient profile within a few seconds! For chronic patients, these human-like, interactive AI apps are a dream come true for communication, day-to-day reminders, and collaboration among different care providers. 

AI software developed by leading AI healthcare companies can also aid in administrative tasks, drug discovery, and innovative therapy implementation. Therefore, these tools are as helpful for hospitals and nursing homes as they are for clients!

8 Top Medical AI Companies That Aid The Healthcare Industry in 2014

Top medical AI companies have made a name for themselves because of the many useful, inclusive, and accessible software and hardware tools they have created over the years. Here is a list of leading medico-tech organizations.


Healthcare Data Solutions | Standardize & Anonymize With AI

This company is known to have revolutionized medical imaging and testing. The Enlitic Software is today used by most radiologists and medical technicians working at leading hospitals around the world to perform an impartial reading and analysis of medical imaging. 

Enlitic is prominent in medical AI for its deep learning technology. It focuses on improving diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning.

The algorithm developed by this company helps identify hidden issues present in different diagnostic tests by integrating information like patient symptoms, history, lifestyle, etc with the test results present in front. 

Not only that, but it also helps in the proper administering of these tests and shares them across a common database for all care providers to see and interpret almost instantly!


OhMD Closes Latest Round of Financing, Led by FCA Venture Partners

Understanding how getting access to medical help professionals can take months and hundreds of dollars, OhMD is an AI startup that took matters into its own hands and developed an online platform where patients can directly connect with doctors and nurses. 

After going on the OhMD app and paying a negligible membership fee, a patient gets almost instant access to appointments. 

These are real-life doctors who can diagnose, evaluate, and prescribe medications so that the patient can find relief. It is currently headed by CEO Ethan Bechtel and is compliant with the HIPAA guidelines.

Google Health – DeepMind

Google Health - Health Evolution

DeepMind Technologies is one of the biggest AI Healthcare companies that was created in 2010 in the UK. It is currently part of the Google Health umbrella and is used for high-quality artificial intelligence and machine learning research – having made great contributions to the world of neuroscience and psychology! 

GoogleAI helps patients by improving diagnostics through advanced image analysis and data processing. It enables personalized treatment plans based on patient data, making it possible to monitor help daily. 

Google Health has also created Med-PaLM, an open source of contextual education and learning on complex and confusing medical conditions.


Woebot: AI for mental health. Dear friends, | by Andrew Ng | Medium

One of the first successful mental healthcare apps to exist, Woebot is headed by Dr Alison Darcy and was founded as an additional mental care provider who can supplement your real therapist. 

The Woebot AI can talk just like a real, trained therapist, asking the right questions and directing the user towards optimistic, healthy life choices. It is commonly used as a self-work platform using which individuals can keep track of their mental growth. 

The beauty of this technology is that you can talk with Woebot whenever you want. The app also includes some extra therapeutic solution tools – like mood tracking and journaling – that can add further meaning to your mental journey and develop a history that you can later come back to.

CloudMedX Health

CloudMedx | Healthcare Data Platform for Aggregation, Automation and AI

CloudMedX Health, founded by Tashfeen Suleman and Nitin Gupta, is known for its advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities. 

Using AI machine learning technology, CloudMedX analyzes vast amounts of patient data to provide personalized insights and support clinical decision-making. It is one of the most accurately performing artificial intelligence healthcare companies, commended for living up to all ethical and moral standards in the medical world.

CloudMedX Health’s solutions empower you as a doctor – as well as your entire healthcare team – with actionable information, drawing possible conclusions for you and ranking them in order of probability, simply enhancing the overall quality of care.


Corti | HIMSS

Developed by Andreas Cleve, is a personal assistant that a healthcare professional can carry with them wherever they go. It was primarily developed for medical dispatchers to diagnose illness without a moment’s delay.

This AI is surprisingly able to record and analyze patient interviews by paying attention to the content, structure, tone, etc.

The biggest help that Corti has done in terms of healthcare interventions is in the 911 first responders’ office by detecting cardiac arrest and stroke in real-time by simply going through the speech patterns of the caller.

Among the most revolutionary medical AI companies, Corti has recently turned its app into an automatic note-taker that can not only save but also highlight certain aspects of a person’s speech.


Atomwise Signs Strategic Multi-Target Research Collaboration with Sanofi for AI-Powered Drug Discovery | Business Wire

Based in San Francisco, California, Atomwise works behind the scenes as one of the most prominent artificial intelligence healthcare companies providing research aid to leading medical institutions of the world. 

This AI project started as an automatic tool to discover and develop new medicine, especially for chronic diseases and epidemics. Recently it has worked out some amazing holistic treatment options – including natural solutions – for terminal diseases like cancer. 

Atomwise associates itself with an R&D Pipeline which makes it possible for the organization to cover all major disease areas and remain on top of the latest discoveries, Austin making significant contributions to them.

Using the ability of computers, this AI can accurately predict the outcomes of different chemical models, shortlist the most successful ones, and increase the likelihood of positive results. It not only says time but also the need for high-grade human training!

MySense AI – Medium

MySense AI has grown to become one of the biggest medical AI companies thanks to its innovative technology that has made it a go-to tool for both doctors as well as patients. 

MySense specializes in remote patient monitoring using AI algorithms to detect health changes early. The app also has comprehensive graphical and numerical methods to track changes in mental and physical health over time. MySense has partnerships with major healthcare providers, demonstrating its industry influence. 

MySense continuously monitors vital signs and behavior patterns, providing real-time health insights to healthcare professionals. Some of its products come with sensors, wearables, and home gateways to make this technology possible.

Patients can share their healthcare reports with doctors, nurses as well as family members and benefit from personalized care plans based on this detailed, AI-driven data.


One of the biggest advantages of AI Healthcare is that it does not depend on one specific treatment but rather integrates several holistic approaches such as lifestyle strategies, environmental changes, dietary changes, etc to reveal what works for each personal patient.

However, challenges like data privacy and algorithm failures must be addressed by these top medical AI companies to fully harness AI’s potential in revolutionizing medical healthcare and management. Nothing is perfect on the first try, and the world of AIs is still in its infancy!