Everything is being done on the internet these days! Then why not use this resource to transform our careers as healthcare providers? 

With the same goal in mind, more and more doctors, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, etc are moving towards the use of telemedicine platforms. These platforms simplify complex disorders, provide accurate and latest information on important areas of research, and allow professionals to network with one another freely.

How Do We Define Telemedicine in 2024?

In 2024, telemedicine to every one of the versatile services available for patients and care providers in the virtual world – consultations, remote monitoring devices, care team integration, AI-based probability diagnosis, etc. 

This is a constantly expanding field of knowledge, communication, and social awareness – and the role of the Internet in providing medical care is only going to increase in the future!

12 Innovative Telemedicine Apps To Connect with Patients

Telemedicine products and services come as software, AI chatbots, apps, integrated cloud systems, and many more. They are designed for simplicity and efficiency!

Doctor on Demand

Doctor On Demand Announces $75M in Series D Financing Led by General  Atlantic to Expand Comprehensive Virtual Care | General Atlantic

This telemedicine software has improved connectivity between patients and healthcare providers while at the same time providing great flexibility in diagnosis and treatment. 

Doctor on Demand collaborates with physicians, psychiatrists, and therapists who follow proper HIPAA compliance to provide safe and data-backed diagnoses to patients who cannot visit a doctor in real life.

This telehealth platform allows you to meet a diverse variety of patients, some nearer, some far away across different parts of the world and coming from different age groups – this gives meaning to our journey as medical professionals!

Practo Health

Designing your home for health – Practo Digest

Practo is an amazing app for you to improve the efficiency of your practice and promote your services to a larger community of patients. The app allows you to securely store your patient’s history and maintain health records digitally – this not only helps speed up diagnosis but also increases customer satisfaction! 

Like most virtual healthcare platforms, Practo lets you connect with patients through video conferencing, digital appointments, etc. You can generate e-prescriptions with a single click and even directly send them to the pharmacist working with your regular patient! Similarly, this system has a billing tracker that also generates invoices. 

One of the more interesting features of Practo is that it lets health professionals create a public profile through which new patients can find them!


Doximity Announces Hospital Marketing Platform

Doximity currently has over 2 million current users since its launch in 2010. This is a professional social networking platform made for medical professionals!

Thanks to the efficient interface, you can find new collaborators for caregiving, consults, and even research on Doximity.  Many content creators regularly publish news updates on this platform which enables us to keep up with the latest healthcare market trends and important social or legal changes.

This is also an amazing platform for you if you are looking for a position as you can network with seniors and explore various job opportunities, often connecting with recruiters.


Medscape on the App Store

One of the leading telemedicine companies of the world, Medscape helps doctors, nurses, and paramedics by presenting a wide range of educational resources and CME(Continuing Medical Education) sources, news articles, infographics, videos, etc that promote an environment of constant medical and academic growth. 

With its large drug database and a plethora of saved case histories, Medscape is also a platform where you can have discussions, share your views and findings through online forums, and clear up your doubts about new medical events taking place across the globe.

Visual DX


This telehealth platform for providers is a database of over 100,000 images of different skin conditions and is used by medical professionals for reference and learning/ more about practical dermatological conditions. 

Visual DX also supports an insightful AI foundation that provides regular information on drug-induced conditions, the latest research on skin cancer, the effect of pollutants and toxins, etc (everything relevant and understudied in the modern world!). 

The most impactful feature of this Telehealth platform is the Decision System Tool in which when we enter some basic facts about the patient and receive peer-reviewed diagrams and pictures – it tells us the most probable diagnosis!


Talkspace Review 2024: Features, Benefits, and More

This online therapy platform is a lifesaver for a lot of people, used by mostly licensed therapists to connect with patients in need. For mental health professionals, TalkSpace provides facilities like no other. 

Therapists can work flexibly from home while providing much-needed remote mental care, reaching a broader client base, and helping clients navigate life challenges outside of a therapy chamber. Doctors can make prescriptions and provide treatments just like normal, with the benefit of reduced overhead costs!

Like most virtual healthcare platforms for doctors, many communities on this app regularly organize workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns among different sections of society. 


Teladoc Health unveils new brand identity and app to offer whole-person care

As a medical health professional, you can reach patients in areas that do not have enough medical facilities – and one of the most flexible telemedicine companies for this is TelaDoc.

This app comes with features like AI and analytics, video conferencing, online medical document review, etc. TelaDoc software makes it possible to store detailed patient records and medical history which can then be retrieved within minutes.

TelaDoc also acts as a personal assistant, continuously communicating with the various department professionals at your clinic. These facilities indeed make the whole process of diagnosing critical conditions much faster and provide you with great flexibility while managing patients.


epocrates Web

This software has been designed to assist medical professionals in making decisions about drugs. It supports a comprehensive database open for 24/7 reference – to look up information like dosage, indications, and side effects. As a doctor, you can ask complex questions about pharmacotherapy on Epocrates and receive a quick review from physicians across the globe.

Epocrates also has a pill identification tool, using which you can visually identify medications based on their physical features like shape, color, and imprint. Another amazing feature of this app is that it has a Drug Interaction Checker i.e. you can check for potential drug-drug interactions or drug-allergy interactions instantly.


Home - PEPID

This is another telemedicine software for providers that comes with an Interaction Checker. The detailed result for every drug shows you the severity factor, possible combinations as well as comorbidities that might be high risk. 

Further, PEPID comes with a Dosing calculator that takes into account complex age and genetic factors to follow the proper prescription arithmetic. 

The differential diagnosis generator is another highly accurate and trusted feature by PEPID – here you can input the patient’s age, symptoms & severity of symptoms to get a list of potential diseases.


Corti: Health Tech Startup Using AI Raises $60 Million in Fresh Funds

With the boost in AI technologies, the digital assistant Corti has become one of the leading telehealth platforms for providers in assisting healthcare providers make diagnostic and treatment decisions in real time. 

This app supports you by analyzing real-time symptoms, patient background, and history. Corti monitors your consultations and provides feedback as soon as it encounters you going away from recommended good practices or making diagnostic errors. 

Most importantly, Corti is an AI that can not analyze the content, style, and limitations of patient speech to detect signs of critical conditions like cardiac arrest and stroke to provide immediate assistance.


Lybrate: Online Doctor Consult - Apps on Google Play

This is a socially motivated platform that provides facilities like making appointments, managing professional schedules, and performing urgent, automatic communication with your patients. In return for these facilities, patients get immediate and affordable assistance even when they are living outside traditional medical reach.

Lybrate also has its own digital health record management system and allows you to store important medical documents, accessible anywhere and spread across all your devices. You can also create a profile that highlights your expertise, even letting your current patients give you testimonials of satisfaction so that more people can become aware of your services. 

The platform also has its analytics system which gives you insights into your practice performance, which helps you to grow as a professional.


Differential Diagnosis Tool | Isabel Healthcare

Isabel, the clinical decision support system used in over 90 countries, is best known for its Symptom Checker  – a salient feature using which you can convert a patient’s signs and symptoms into a list of relevant diseases. Isabel also provides healthcare professionals with a list of 11 essential questions as a part of its Self Triage feature that can shed light on the true nature of the problem.

This telemedicine software also has a DDx companion which helps you to expand your differentials and get assurance on your diagnosis. Its massive database contains rare and uncommon diseases, helping you as a professional to provide a more accurate diagnosis based on probability calculation. 


Telemedicine companies have not only bridged the physical gaps that separate citizens of the world from good health care, but have also contributed to making diagnosis and medical solutions as accurate as possible.

With the help of constantly improving mathematical models, these software have reduced the chances of personal errors or biases!

Last but not least, the use of AI technology that looks critically at lifestyle changes and social accommodation issues has led to a far more inclusive and accountable medical practice than ever before!