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Intermountain redesigns pharmacy service for pandemic using communications tech

Remote clinical pharmacists have leveraged the technology to contact physicians and other caregivers to collaborate on patient rounds, clinical recommendations, consultants, patient education, and virtual huddles.

The rapid spread of the pandemic has already disrupted the strand processes. It has created difficulties for the protocols in hospitals across the country. The pandemic has also disrupted the various clinical and operational workflows for pharmacies. It has forced the pharmacies to discover better ways to perform all the common tasks. Hence the Intermountain redesign has created pharmacy service with the use of communications tech.

The impact of COVID-19 across the country has made leaders at Murray create a remote pharmacy service plan in Utah. The plan has the goal of limiting the risk of exposure to the virus. It was also aiming to mitigate potential staffing shortages due to quarantine and illness.

It started with the goal to protect the general public, clinical pharmacists, patients, and other caregivers. At the same time, it had maintained a higher standard of pharmacy clinical services.

The Intermountain Medical Center is a level of I trauma center. It includes a comprehensive stroke center. It serves 4 surrounding states. Also, it has 504 inpatient beds and 80 emergency department beds.

With the implementation of the remote pharmacy services plans, 7 residents and 73 pharmacists got the first service.

A multidisciplinary team designed the plan. It was a hybrid of remote and on-site pharmacy services. It helped to prevent exposure and subsequent illness. At the same time, it proactively addresses the potential staffing shortage and ensures uninterrupted clinical and pharmacy services.

The plan is also outlining the strategies that Intermountain Medical center would implement to consolidate its personnel. Clinical and IT team members are implementing the remote pharmacy service plan to achieve seamless success with effective communication.

This technology has critically helped the clinicians to connect with the right team member. Under its contingency-staffing plan, caregivers and pharmacists also used the instant messaging software to communicate with their urgent needs.

Nurses can also instantly connect to their floor pharmacists to discuss new orders for medication.

To continue with its agenda Intermountain Medical Center has established its intermittent work-from-home program for pharmacists who are going for Covid testing or any kind of symptoms.