As we have already mentioned earlier, there has been a huge increase in demand for diabetes care medication in the last 6 months in the market after the report was published that Elon Musk was taking these medications to help lose weight and he later confirmed the same on his account too. Also, it is worth noting that medications like Ozempic have been proven to help lose weight by reducing your appetite which has also received the FDA approval. However, the other part of this story is that there was a shortage in the market for diabetes drugs for a time being until companies started producing more of them.

Now, a new drug has been found to be much more effective in helping people reduce weight compared to a group that was taken placebo pills. The report mentions that “Eli Lilly’s tirzepatide can boost existing efforts to lose weight” and it is added that “people who dropped at least 5% of their weight before taking the drug went on to lose substantially more weight than those who took a placebo. Those in the treatment group ultimately lost 25% of their baseline weight on average, or about 60 pounds, over a 16-month period.”

Lead study author says that “This study says that if you lose weight before you start the drug, you can then add a lot more weight loss after”. In the report, it is mentioned that “The findings reaffirm how difficult it can be to achieve and sustain even modest weight loss through diet and exercise alone, while also being the latest to show that tirzepatide and similar drugs represent a new era in anti-obesity medication. Tirzepatide seems to be more effective than Novo Nordisk’s semaglutide, which was approved by the FDA to treat obesity in 2021. In clinical trials, people taking semaglutide for obesity have lost around 15% of their weight on average”. One thing to note is that the long term disadvantages, if any, are not yet for any of these drugs as they have come into existence since the last few years only so we will have to wait and see how that goes.