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RSV infections are on the rise. The pediatric care units are facing stress. There is no space in hospitals. Hospitals are putting a stop to some surgeries.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention again warned about the flu. The Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, is making its return again. The virus is affecting children and older adults the most. Other viral infections are also on the rise. This is putting excess pressure on pediatric care.

Dr. Jose Romero says that this can be the working of Covid-19. The levels of covid virus affected other viruses as well. Therefore, they may have changed their characteristics. They are stronger and create more hospitalizations. That is why pediatric care is under stress.

Rhino, Animal, RSV, and other influenza viruses are on the rise. People were able to avoid contact because of masks and covid-19. Now, with less surge in covid-19 and no masks as well, the viruses are making their return. We must not delay care in this case. This was the mistake made during covid-19 and led to the loss of life.

Most of the pediatric care beds in the hospitals are full. Due to this, the hospitals are opting for the postponement of some surgeries. Some hospitals are making extensive changes to their pediatric care units. They are shifting some patients to ICUs as well to make space in the pediatric care ward.

There is also an ongoing shortage of staff and nurses in the hospitals. This is partially due to covid-19 in the first place. The shortage of personnel affects the capacity to deliver care, especially for children. Therefore, everyone must remain vigilant because of the virus.

The surge is uneven in the country right now. But the pressure on pediatric care units is high uniformly. Some regions are increasing the testing of the RSV virus. Some regions are also reporting a decrease. This makes sure that pediatric care units should act as per the situation on the ground. RSV is a common respiratory illness, and patients can recover using care.