The med tech startup neuroClues, based in France and Belgium, is using innovative eye-tracking technology to revolutionize the diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions. Their aim is to make healthcare solutions more accessible and efficient. Founded by neuroscience researchers, the company’s innovative approach incorporates AI-driven analysis to enhance the accuracy of diagnoses.

Starting with a focus on Parkinson’s disease, neuroClues aims to streamline the diagnostic process by replacing traditional methods with its proprietary portable headsets capable of capturing eye movements at a remarkable 800 frames per second. This high-speed data capture enables clinicians to conduct rapid analysis, providing valuable insights into neurological health within seconds.

One of the primary motivations behind neuroClues’ mission is the high rate of misdiagnosis associated with Parkinson’s disease. By leveraging advanced eye-tracking protocols, the startup aims to address this challenge and improve diagnostic accuracy. However, its ambitions extend beyond Parkinson’s, envisioning a future where its technology serves as a “stethoscope for the brain,” facilitating early detection and intervention for various neurological conditions.

The device operates through a simple process where patients view a screen displaying dots and are instructed to follow them with their eyes. Subsequently, the device extracts data on eye movements, measuring parameters such as latency and error rate, which serve as valuable biomarkers for disease diagnosis. Clinicians can compare these results against standard values expected from a healthy population, aiding in comprehensive assessments.

CEO Antoine Pouppez emphasizes the historical significance of eye tracking in diagnostics, tracing its roots back to 1905 when it was first utilized for diagnosing schizophrenia. Despite decades of research validating its efficacy, widespread clinical adoption has been hindered by technological limitations and cost barriers. neuroClues seeks to overcome these challenges by offering a portable, high-speed solution tailored specifically for clinical use.

While other companies explore similar applications of eye tracking in healthcare, neuroClues distinguishes itself through its dedicated hardware and software development. By integrating both components, the startup achieves unparalleled speed and accuracy in data capture, setting a new standard in diagnostic technology.

With patents covering various aspects of its design, including hardware-software synchronization and data analysis methods, neuroClues is poised to lead the market in advanced eye-tracking solutions for neurological diagnosis.