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Singapore is developing national portal for mental health resources

The Health Promotion Board of Singapore is now planning to work on its online platform for mental health later this year.

The Ministry of Health in Singapore, through the Health Promotion Board, is now building an online portal. It will serve in the form of resources for mental health. This website will include wellbeing and mental health-related content. 

This information will work as a resource for individuals who want to find information for themselves. It will come up on HealthHub. HealthHub is the web and mobile app-based platform of the ministry. It hosts a range of e-services, health content, and rewards.

HPB is now planning to launch its pilot web portal in the coming months of this year. The development of an online platform for the resources of national mental health is a key recommendation of the COVID-19 Mental Wellness Task Force. It is also hoping to address the psychological impact of the pandemic in the population of Singapore.

The Task Force has said that the existence of online resources can be confusing for those who are looking for information. On the abscess of the engagement sessions at the Youth Metal Well-0Being Network with 15000 people are some concerns. The concerns are also addressing the credibility, legitimacy, and currency for the information found on a variety of online sites.

Besides the need for an online repository or the resources for mental wellness, there are two more issues. One issue is addressing the need for the overarching strategy for guiding the alignment and tracking process. Another one is the better alignment of the resources and more trained professionals.

To address these issues, the health ministry moved to expand the task force into a platform for interagency. It will oversee the implementation of the actions on the issues. It will supervise the development of the resource of national mental health and wellbeing strategy. Also, it will get the development through public consultation. It will also track the progress of its impact.

This interagency will work with the effects and will monitor the outcomes. At the same time, it will focus on the cross-cutting issues that will require collaboration for pregnancy.

To support the mental health of citizens, various government agencies and organizations are expanding 40 initiatives during the pandemic.

Users can also access self-assessment tools through the portal to understand their state of mental well-being. Based on this assessment, the platform can recommend appropriate support channels and interventions.