Niura is a company that has been developing EEG-implemented earbuds that scan your brain health in order to provide you with personalized music suggestions based on your mood at that time. It is not just a way to listen to music but it also determines the health issues that you might be having and alerts you about the same so that you can take preventive measures as brain health is something that not a lot of people are still aware about.

Pari Patel, the clinical researcher at Niura, says that “in-ear EEG technology had demonstrated the capability of exhibiting neurological activity and detecting brain wave abnormalities such as cerebral infarction and hemorrhaging” and adds that Neura is recognized by the Ingenium Reception and Source Conference at New York Institute of Technology. The company tells us that it offers conductive silicone electrode technology implemented in earbuds called Neural and a mobile application. Its prototype started out with an Arduino, a modified heart monitor, and Fast Fourier transform, and the company has progressively shrunk it with NeuralONE (30 x 30 mm), “a chip encompassing the EEG reader, audio data and data processing parts,”

The app from Niura offers a range of features, including “real-time visualization of EEG data, data-sharing capabilities, and in-depth data analysis tools.” Pari adds that “Our business model revolves around licensing our product, ensuring partnerships maintain the highest standards of security. This strategic collaboration with leading companies also allows us to advance our research collectively,” and mentions that “Furthermore, we employ end-to-end encryption to protect the data. Users can comfortably store their data in the Apple Health app or its Android counterpart, and we ensure that the treatment of this data aligns with established standards set for other wearables.”

Ryan Ahmed, Niura’s co-founder, adds “Our product can be used in clinical, professional, and personal environments, making it very versatile. While traditional EEG technology can only be used before or after surgical procedures, Niura allows physicians to safely perform open-brain surgeries while tracking EEG data through these ear tips. These earbuds also offer ambulatory and remote usage, so patients and clinicians can minimize costs and resources while ensuring patient care.” He also claims that “its earbuds improve on competitors with better user experience and comfort. The company says other competitors sell more invasive and less versatile products”.