You might already be aware that companies are doing a lot all over the world in the field of health, and we also know that smartphone companies are playing a part. Google, Apple, and Samsung are the leaders when it comes to taking care of health and hygiene of its customers with its products such as Android and iOS as well as its hardware respectively. Talking about hardware, you must be aware that Samsung released their latest Galaxy Watch 5 recently, a smartwatch from the company focused on health. To take things even further, Samsung has now added a new feature to its watch: temperature-based period tracking.

Menstrual health or period tracking is a very important issue, and there are still people worldwide who don’t talk about it often, either due to hesitation or because it is still a taboo topic. However, it is high time that we make everyone aware, especially women, that it is fine to talk about it in public. Samsung has partnered with a brand named Natural Cycles to improve its period tracking. Apple also announced a new temperature sensor on its new Apple Watch Series 8 last year, and so did Samsung. It means that we might see temperature-based period tracking on Apple Watch very soon too.

Natural Cycles’ founder said, “The Natural Cycles app has helped millions of women around the world take control of their fertility, and this partnership will allow Samsung to leverage our fertility technology to offer temperature-based cycle tracking through a smartwatch for the first time,”. It must be noted that Samsung was late to the party by adding period tracking to its app only in 2020, whereas everyone else had added it way before that.

But the fact that Samsung will now track periods based on temperature and ovulation changes means that it will be able to track it way better than everyone else. While Samsung does not say that its temperature-based period tracking should not be taken as medical advice, we must tell you that it is to be followed by caution and you should always visit a certified health expert before coming to any conclusion.