Simple Healthkit is a company doing everything to make healthcare affordable and accessible with the help of at-home diagnostics, which is one of the biggest concerns in the health industry. During the pandemic, the first thing that people were afraid to do was to go to their nearest clinics or health centers and get themselves tested. This was not because they feared getting tested but because they feared catching the virus, even if they did not have one, just because they went out in public space.

At that time, various startups started giving Covid-19 test kits at home and providing pickup and drop services so that patients could limit exposure to people as much as possible. While this testing has been available for Covid-19, it is not widely available for other patients, such as diabetics and other health issues. To make this possible, Simple Healthkit has taken the initiative and expanded its portfolio to include diabetes, sexual health, and tripledemic, which is COVID-19, Flu, and RSV.

Simple Healthkit started as an at-home or in-clinic diagnostics for respiratory health and chronic conditions. Still, it has become an end-to-end solution that can return test results within 24 hours. You can get the test results for respiratory illness and sexual health on their website and health savings programs. The company also says that 37 million people in the US have diabetes. The problem is that 8.5 million of them are undiagnosed, meaning they don’t even know about this chronic condition. The problem is that if these people don’t take proper care of this condition, the consequences could be severe.

“These are big challenges, especially in communities of color. That’s where we’re reinvesting a lot of our profits in infrastructure, product lines, and programs with different partners.” says the founder of Simple HealthKit, suggesting that the black community is facing the problem of not knowing about their condition. The problem of the US and diabetes is not new because almost everyone in the US eats sugar, according to research, at an unhealthy level, even on a monthly basis, in a single day which is an epidemic on its own.