Graphite Health to use digital health for seamless tool implementation process

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Kaiser, SSM, Intermountain, Presbyterian comes together to incorporate Graphite Health. These are all nonprofit organizations that aim to establish an app marketplace.

Kaiser becomes the fourth organization joining Graphite’s digital health initiative. The conglomeration includes Kaiser, SSM, Intermountain, and Presbyterian. Also, the vision is to develop seamless tools in health care.

It will develop a secure digital health platform. It will also focus on establishing an interoperable data platform.

Greg A. Adams, Chair and CEO at Kaiser Permanente, says that “Graphite Health is tackling some of the most pressing issues in healthcare today, making it easier to adopt digital health tools with a focus on trust and transparency,”

Kaiser Permanente is ready to shape the future of healthcare. It will also use digital healthcare for a better patient experience.

It will definitely take time and process. The Nonprofit organization is going to install new software. Graphite also notifies that they must first fully run the digital strategy. It is better to take all precautions. Then, they will make it available for public use.

Graphite Health holds three goals in this transformation. Firstly, it plans to add like-minded members to the cause. Secondly, it also plans to build the platform on a common data language. Thirdly, it also intends to support “Plug-and-Play”.

The platform will serve as a one-stop platform. However, it will enable entrepreneurs to distribute tools more easily. It focuses on the app marketplace for health care.

The health system member can directly invest in the process. All the members hold the same power. They can obtain and use digital health technology in their institution.

We tend to tackle interoperability. Graphite health will create convenient, quality care at the lowest cost. Like Kaiser, we will have more additions to the team members.

Kaiser is always working for better health care. However, they contributed to an acute-care-at-home startup. They invested an amount of $110 million. They funded the local level telehealth. Also, “Virtual-First” health across the states.

With its cooperation at Graphite Health, it will digitally improve health care. It is also known for its innovative approach.


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