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Hackensack Meridian Health records 4024 visits in-person. There were, in total, 6,726 telehealth visits.

The behavioral health science records increase telepsychiatry visits since its incorporation. There is a nationwide challenge and shortage of physicians. During this time, Medicaid featuring telepsychiatry comes in very handy. It is also bringing great achievements in healthcare technology.

Dr. Eric C. Alcera, network medical director at Hackensack Meridian Behavioral Health, stated, “Without the utilization of telehealth, patients arriving at an emergency department often have long wait times before meeting with an available physician, creating a strain on social workers and other members of the behavioral healthcare teams inside hospitals.”

The implementation of the telepsychiatry program is a great deal for an emergency. It also presents emergency treatment in a crisis. One can make use of the Chromebook and be HIPAA-compliant across the communication. The platform features Zoom and Google Meets. The team members are the Hackensack Meridian Health psychiatrist. It is also for the diagnosis and prescription and provides a recommendation.

The telepsychiatry program serves as a tremendous asset. It is for the health system to get younger and help people in need. The immediate behavioral treatment also serves a great deal to access physicians.

It is an invaluable tool and can face a growing business. Hackensack will continue to add a psychiatrist to its network. There is a need to increase the number of patients to secure. Telepsychiatry is an invaluable tool for the behavioral healthcare team. It will also treat and stabilize the patients. There is a need for medical needs. One needs to evaluate the patient before determining the patient step-wise.

The psychiatrist will offer patients with better interaction. The social worker will always be ready to help them. This also determines the way to proceed with their care and treatment.

Meridian Health was successful with its telepsychiatry program. It yielded great results. 7430 in-person psychiatry visits and no telepsychiatry visits. In order to compare it with the telepsychiatry visits at 52.98 % of visits.