Health and Wellness Informatics News

Health Infrastructure is working towards virtual care integration. It is a part of NSW Health and a partner to other firms. However, the goal is to install and use best care management practices.

Health Infrastructure is an agency under NSW Health. As the name suggests, the firm delivers infrastructure solutions and services. They are also going to review the best global best change management practices. These practices will help with virtual care integration in hospitals. Macquarie University and other firms partner with this research initiative. They have also received funding of 1.27 million dollars.

Change is the only constant. We also must adapt ourselves to the ever-changing environment around us. Rebecca Wark also believes in this. She is the chief executive of Health Infrastructure. She also says that every hospital needs some kind of care management. This helps them to adapt themselves to the new models or facilities.

Wark hopes that their research in best care management practices is the correct way. This will help hospitals deal with virtual care integration. The procedure can also help hospitals plan everything in this regard. However, they can discuss the initial plans and go on to plan the facilities and the infrastructure as well. They can also plan the effective use of their assets.

This fundamental research is a part of the Smarter Hospital project. Health Infrastructure has initiated the project to give wings to change management plans. However, the next step is to develop and pilot some unique care management approaches. The approaches help with virtual care integration in hospitals. These will also provide the agency with an evidence-based plan as well.

Wark said that they would bring specialized tested methods for virtual care integration. This will also make sure that future health facilities are well-equipped in every aspect. These will, in turn, support the rural and regional communities. There is work going on to develop novel methods for virtual care integration.

Virtual care integration is the brainchild of the five-year NSW Virtual Care Strategy. The strategy aims to use sustainable virtual care methods. They also hope to see that this method is safe for use among communities. There are many areas they focus on. A task force is there to look into this plan.