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Delhi announced a $19M project to build up a cloud-based hospital information management system

This system is about to launch in the middle of 2022 across the public hospitals of Delhi.

The government of Delhi is working on an integrated health information management system across the hospitals. It is now using a cloud-based system. Rs. 13. The 9 billion project has recently got approval from the cabinet of the city government. It has also a contract to develop a system which is having the award form, the IT provider NEC Corporation India.

This HIMS project will see all the hospitals in the national capital territory which are having connections under one digital platform. This system will include all the services related to patient care. It will also include services like hospital administration, supply chain management, budgeting, and planning, along with back-end services and other respective processes.

It will also create the Digital Health cards to offer a seamless exchange of information with HIMS. These health cards, based on QR -codes, will offer the citizens easy access to health information and immediate care.

Through HIMS, the health system of Delhi can get information about the number of available beds, vacant ventilators, and medicines across the hospitals. This system is also featuring doctor consultations which can help to reduce long lines in hospitals amidst the pandemic.

According to the Chief Minister of Delhi, this system will launch in the middle of 2022. It will initially start rolling out in all the government hospitals before its introduction to the private health institutions. The government will also distribute the digital health cards with a door-to-door campaign. As part of this project, 7000 beds will be set up in the coming 6 months in the public hospitals across Delhi.

The National Health Authority of India is working on its Unified Health Interface project. It will also create an open platform that connects digital health solutions. This open network will also enable the patients and providers to discover plenty of opportunities across the application. At present, patients and healthcare providers are using a similar kind of application to provide digital health services.