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A new platform built in cooperation with Luma Health will enhance the patient experience. It will allow health care providers to increase revenues.

Luma Health helped to create new patient engagement tools. The prime objective of these engagement tools is to develop the care experienced by the patients. It also aims to enhance the satisfaction factor for the patients.

In this way, it will enhance revenue for an appointment. This will benefit the providers. The patient engagement suite designed for patients got introduced by Change healthcare. It displayed its newly designed tools created with the help of Luma Health.

This would help in good navigation of care by the patients. On the other hand, it will end up enhancing the revenue cycle. Hence, helping the providers in a better way. The Engagement suite designed for patients aims to work on improving communication gaps among patients and providers.

Luma’s co-founder and chief technology officer is Aditya Bansod. He said that the entire journey is together on this platform. For example, the designing of patient engagement tools got done with keeping the perspective of providers.

This got done to help enhance patient volume. It also, in turn, aimed to enhance customer loyalty. The combined technology of the revenue cycle of Change and Luma’s platform can move mountains. This integrated technology can not only decrease administrative burdens. It can also pace up prior authorization. It will also speed up the eligibility verification.

Many systems are working to change their focus. They are concentrating on their IT expenditure. They aim to work on the digital experience.

Also, many are working on using a hybrid approach. They do this by the deployment of various technologies.

The research data suggests that such an approach can lead to an extra waiting period for patients. The waiting period will extend for almost 12-45 days. This will also lead to a loss of $150,000 per provider every year.

Mike Persie is senior vice president and general manager of revenue cycle management and decision support at Change Healthcare.

He said, “We’ve long envisioned a more proactive and flexible approach, where patients and providers are being set up for success – not just at times during the journey, but throughout. This suite represents a complete evolution of the patient and provider experience. One that places patients exactly where they should be – at the center of their healthcare journey.”