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Alpha Medical announced that it had raised a $24 million Series B round in September. The startup stated it used the cash to grow and make its services more accessible.

Alpha Medical is a virtual primary care startup focused on women’s health. It is expanding itself to the diabetes management space by enlisting diabetes care. It is going to come up with new offerings for treating and screening for prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Also, it will screen for gestational diabetes. However, the service would depend on the diagnosis and a personalized care plan.

The service could include online prescription of medications, including insulin. It can also include access to a continuous glucose monitor. Lab referrals and dietician support are also got included.

Co-founder and CEO Gloria Lau stated, “At Alpha Medical, it is our ongoing mission to help women take control of their health and to provide them with the medical resources and tools needed to treat chronic conditions like diabetes. So many don’t realize the unique needs that women have when it comes to this condition, so it only felt right for us to expand our services to help the many Americans that are living with this serious medical condition.”

CDC stated that 28.7 million people of all ages in the U.S. got diagnosed with diabetes in 2019. The larger majority of these people had Type 2. In addition, the agency estimated that 96 million U.S. adults had prediabetes that year.

Gestational diabetes care usually goes away after delivery. But sometimes, it can raise blood pressure during pregnancy. This can increase the likelihood that the baby will be born early. The baby will develop low blood sugar and develop Type 2 diabetes later in life.

It currently works in 49 states and Washington D.C.Diabetes management is becoming a popular focus for digital health companies.

Another big company is Glooko. This recently required French diabetes care company DIABNEXT and Berlin-based bird. One Drop initially focused only on diabetes but now expanded into cardiovascular disease prevention. Carbon Health, a Hybrid provider, got beefed up its diabetes management tools too.

It acquired Steady Health last year and recently launched its program. Meanwhile, other women-focused and tech-enabled care providers include Tia, which scooped up $100 million in funding last year. In addition, Maven Clinic closed a $110 million Series D round in August.