FCC is all set to employ a new telehealth policy in Virginia

telehealth policy

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Many federal agencies in the University of Virginia Health System are coming together to strengthen their healthcare. The advancement in virtual care is marvelous.

Charlottesville-based University of Virginia Health System established the telehealth policy program. It dates back to the year 1995. It believes in enhancing timely patient access and better healthcare service. Also, it is set in a particular rural region in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The health system and other health care facilities are set to serve the underserved using this telehealth policy.

Dr. Karen Rheuban, director of the Center for telehealth at the University, also stated,” We already had developed a virtual personal protective equipment model in the special pathogen unit of our Medical ICU or iSOCOMS. In addition, in 2012, UVA Health launched a remote patient monitoring program to improve patient compliance and clinical outcomes and to reduce hospital readmissions, hospital length of stay, and emergency department visits.”

She also explains how e-consults works on the original AAMC Project as a Core institution. UVA is one of the major shareholders of the strategic plan. The policies are set to pivot toward addressing clinic closure and limitations on the exposure to Covid-19 patients. It also aims to cater the right and quality service to the patient in rural regions.

The organization has a great history of coming up with a strategic plan to work as a telehealth provider. The design of the telehealth policy also features technical assistance by adding more resources to the health systems.

The health system tends to focus on expanding services to vulnerable patients. Its basic agenda in launching telehealth policy is to increase the reach of better healthcare to the patients in the countryside. There will also be several establishments of urgent care in different regions in Virginia. It will focus on community hospitals and FQHS.

There will be an in-detail focus on ECHO programs and webinars. Also, there will be training via portal telehealth village. There has been an increase in telehealth vendors. The application of virtual service is to focus on acquiring more vendors to cater to desired services.


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