Omaha program utilizes HIE Tech to enhance postnatal care for minority families

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CyncHealth, Collective Medical, and many other institutes use HIE Tech to spread awareness and enhance postnatal care.

The postpartum care program in Omaha is receiving federal funding of $40,000 to accelerate the process.

A program in Omaha, Nebraska, is utilizing health information exchange HIE Tech to improve postnatal care for minority parents and children. The program, which is led by the Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII), aims to reduce health disparities and improve outcomes for these vulnerable populations.

The key problem was the unawareness of young individuals. Reports suggest, in Nebraska, 19% of women reported depression, feeling down, or hopeless after their baby’s birth. 7% reported feeling such mood swings often. According to National statistics, one out of eight women calls for help in such scenarios. 

One of the key components of the program is the use of HIE Tech to share patient information between healthcare providers. By sharing information such as lab results, medication lists, and discharge summaries, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions about a patient’s care and treatment. This can also lead to more effective care and better outcomes for patients.

In addition to HIE technology, the program also includes a focus on education and outreach to minority communities. This also includes working with community organizations and healthcare providers. It will provide education on postnatal care and with hospitals to provide culturally-sensitive care.

The program is also working to improve care coordination between hospitals and primary care providers. By sharing information and working together, healthcare providers can ensure that patients receive the care they need on time. This can also reduce the risk of complications and improve outcomes for patients.

Overall, the Omaha program is making great strides in improving postnatal care for minority parents and children. The HIE Tech program is helping to reduce health disparities and improve outcomes for these vulnerable populations.

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