Heart Scan using AI aims to catch some blockages years before symptoms

You must have heard that most of the medical healthcare nowadays is reactive which means that the patients are treated based on the symptoms they are showing at that moment which is also understandable because of the fact that if there are no symptoms then it is very very tough for the doctor to examine the patient and understand what is exactly going on inside his body. This is also the reason why doctors wait for the symptoms to show up on the patients before they can do anything. However, it is seen that there are times when it is too late to wait for the symptoms as there is hardly anything you can do after that. So Fountain Life in Florida is trying to change this by diagnosing blockages in the heart early by using AI and not waiting for the symptoms in such critical illnesses.

Bill Kapp, CEO of Fountain Life in Florida, said in a statement that “After injecting simple dye into the vein, the provider does a quick CAT scan of the heart. You will then know your complete artery health, including how much plaque you have,” and explained that “It’s similar to the traditional Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CCTA) that’s been in place for decades”. He added that the difference here is that “instead of only a cardiologist or radiologist reading the results, AI analyzes them”. “The AI can see exactly how much plaque is there and whether it’s calcified (stable) or uncalcified (high risk) — things humans can’t see,” “Uncalcified plaque is the newer, softer kind that is more prone to rupture” and also mentioned that “Beyond pinpointing signs of risk, the test also provides a pathway for people to reverse heart disease”. “The company’s AI coronary artery scan offers a non-invasive alternative to a standard “cath lab,” a more expensive procedure that involves inserting a catheter into the artery”. As we already mentioned earlier, Kapp explains that “Eighty percent of what we treat is a chronic disease. Most diseases don’t become symptomatic until they’re in the later stages” which means it is too late to continue doing that.

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