Diabetes management startup Clivi raises $10 Million seed round of funding

You must have noted that there are a lot of services available on digital communication platforms such as WhatsApp nowadays. You can get all your banking services, customer care services as well as a lot of payment services as well on the platform thanks to chatbots. However, did you ever imagine that you could get diabetes management advice on WhatsApp. Well, this has become true thanks to Clivi which is a Latin America-based startup that wants to make people aware about the risks of diabetes and how they can take care of themselves to increase their life expectancy. To do this, Clivi has just announced its seed round of funding of $10 million. Clivi says that it will “dominate the Mexican market and become the No. 1 diabetes clinic in Mexico within the next year” and become the “Livingo of Latin America”.

Clivi founder and CEO, Ricardo Moguel, said “In Mexico, there is an average of one endocrinologist per almost 10,000 patients”. “You might see a doctor every three months, but for chronic conditions, patients need to be making decisions every day.” He explains that “people living with diabetes in Latin America often begin treating their disease late, which can lower their life expectancy by 10 years. Clivi’s goal is to help patients get back four of those years.” “Clivi is making a balance between humans and technology by connecting patients with endocrinologists, nutritionists and psychologists and enabling users to access monitoring and treatment plans via their communication channel of choice” and WhatsApp is one example of that communication channel.

The CEO mentions that his “company also provides all of the supplies, like glucometer, test strips, and blood testing kits, as well as medication. Though health plans start at MX$790 per month, the average patient will pay MX$40 per month with private insurance”. He also acknowledges that “Clivi’s platform has helped thousands of patients so far, 94% of whom have achieved diabetes control within six months” since October 2021. Each month, there are about 2000 patients joining his platform and he expects this number to grow by 10x in the next 12 months.

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