Clinicians need the right messaging to increase cybersecurity awareness

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Clinicians unaware of cybersecurity need some attractive messages to grab their attention. The old newsletters and emailing strategies aren’t going to work.

New methods like online meetings and seminars are the key to spreading the required awareness to Clinicians.

Clinicians are busy with their day-to-day work. A massage in their daily schedule has no more significance than an ant walking on the road. The massage should also be attractive to gain the attention of Clinicians, says Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum (HIMSS) experts.

Vice president of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Srinivasan Suresh, says that the traditional cybersecurity newsletter and emails didn’t grab the attention of the readers. Messaging is the key; we are also competing against many day-to-day entertaining messages.

The message should be alarming and related to their carrier. How cyberattacks can make a hospital or institution collapse can be a good start. Some can be a little more dramatic, but the point is to grab the reader’s attention.

Managing director of FTI Consulting, Mark Sugrue, also says the question is How to make the clinical workforce aware of cybersecurity and how to make cybers clinically aware. We have to give a steady flow of quality information to the Clinicians to subconsciously address the cybersecurity issue.

According to Cindi Carter, CISO, cybersecurity has a bad vibe attached to it. Isolated peoples living in a lone dark room are also the ones for which cybersecurity information. We have to give extra attention to get desired results, she says.

The most effective way to spread information about cybersecurity is through individual interaction. We must pay attention to connecting information beyond the hospital rooms.

Experts suggest the best way is to get clinicians involved in cybersecurity efforts. Invite them to online meetings and seminars regarding the issues. The covid also gave us the opportunity to interact with people in a completely new fashion; we must take full advantage of the technologies.

Carter also says the massage must reach them that some people are trying to harm them and their patients by an attack on their cyber data.

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