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St John, the God of Health care, seeks a new cloud system. The goal is to increase staff retention. They also want to manage a workforce of 16,000 using the cloud.

St John of God Health Care is seeking a new way to manage its human resources. They want to carry it to a cloud system. They also say that it can simplify the staff experience. This health care is a not-for-profit health organization. They run 27 public as well as private healthcare facilities. They are in and around Australia and New Zealand.

The healthcare firm will reportedly undergo massive human resource transformation. They will make use of Workday HCM. HCM strands for Human Capital Management. The healthcare firm will also use Workday HCM on its platform with the help of KPMG, a partner.

It is a cloud platform. The cloud platform will give health care lots of benefits to manage their workforce. The firm can forecast future skills. It can also identify gaps. They can also manage their staff throughout their career cycle. However, they can help with diversity and inclusion within the workforce.

The cloud system is also necessary for the personal development of the staff. The cloud platform will make sure that every staff gets attended to. It will also make sure that their mental and physical well-being is up to date and good. The firm can use the cloud to engage with the staff on a personal level.

Workday HCM can do wonders if implemented correctly. St John of God Health care is going to receive immense benefits because of this. However, the health firm can make sure that they deploy the best recruitment strategies. They should also make sure that they use good talent and skill management strategies. The firm has around 16,000 caregivers.

The specific cloud platform used here streamlines the system. The platform should provide credible data with real-time insights to give better healthcare. However, the main goal was to increase staff retention within the firm. The pressure on the healthcare system was intense for a long time. A cloud system like this can also help ease the pressure a little bit.

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