City of Hope progresses cancer care with hybrid telehealth

hybrid telehealth

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It envisions broadening the utilization of telemedicine to include remote monitoring and telegenetic consultations via palliative care and wearables.

The city of Hope, situated near Los Angeles, is a treatment and research organization for diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. As of 2018, it made strategic actions to effortlessly fulfill the requirements of its patients. They also made the strategic move to fulfill the needs of communities by subsidizing hybrid telehealth.

Then COVID-19 arose. Unexpectedly, the City of Hope required a quick scale of its telehealth infrastructure to fulfill the necessities of patients. In doing so, its operation with telemedicine services and technology vendor Amwell enabled the medical center. It reimagined oncology assistance delivery.

Even when sufferers came physically, the City of Hope utilized telehealth. So that it can include family units and other units of a patient’s care squad easily in the visits. This approach has facilitated the organization to conveniently and easily surround sufferers. They make sure patients get specialized cancer supervision and eliminate needless travel.

Before operating with Amwell, the City of Hope provided telehealth services. However, the technology it utilized was not put together with other strategies. It leaves the cabin for a superior care journey for providers and patients.

Fu stated that they began with Amwell by introducing the patient app. The app enables virtual unions between the providers and the patients. Since introducing their app, it has become possible to quickly scale up their telehealth programs.

There is a large variety of hybrid telehealth services and technology vendors on the medical IT market today. As per Healthcare IT News publication, a personal report documenting these dealers and elements about their offerings.

City of Hope’s patient-centric strategy to cancer care includes providing uninterrupted cancer care and improving the patient experience. Even during the rage of the early months of Corona, their strategy enhanced its ability to optimize patient results and the utilization of telemedicine.


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