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In this segment of Healthtech icons, Charles Rinker, President & CEO at PRSONAS, discusses about the company’s goals, origins, and unique approach. He also discusses the applications of digital humans in healthcare and how PRSONAS tackles challenges like the “uncanny valley” effect. Charles talks about the benefits of AI in freeing up healthcare staff and promoting equity in healthcare.

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Bilal Naved, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder at Clearstep, discusses access, care routing, and outpatient capacity management issues in the US healthcare system. He also shares his insights on how technology and innovation can improve patient care and experience. Bilal talks about Clearstep’s success stories and how it’s partnering with health systems to optimize outpatient capacity management.

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Kamal Anand, Chief Product Officer of TeleVox, is discussing the benefits of their innovative technology and how it stands out among other patient engagement solutions. Learn about the challenges faced by health systems and how TeleVox’s conversational AI is improving patient experience. Don’t miss out on Kamal’s valuable insights into the future of healthcare technology and how TeleVox is leading the way.

In this segment of HealthTech icons, Muhammad Masud from MDRoute talks about the potential for technology to improve healthcare services. MDRoute is an innovative routing and queuing solution for healthcare providers that includes integrated call schedules and allows for real-time tracking of ambulances and their estimated times of arrival. This system allows on-ground medical personnel to evaluate patients before the ambulance arrives and even provide telemedicine consultations while in transit.