Blessing Health calms its perplexed COVID-19 patients with RPM tech

COVID-19 patients

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The rural health system's care team is using remote patient monitoring with their self-developed COVID Action Plan for improving the treatment of Coronavirus patients.

Blessing Health system is based in Quincy, Illinois. It was facing two challenges in healthcare. Firstly, COVID-19 patients who got hospitalized are having an increased level of stress and anxiety related to the diagnosis. Secondly, once discharged, they are having restrictions in their interactions with family and healthcare providers.

Blessing Health was looking at the different ways which possibly provide these patients with true human connection with their care team. Moreover, they are going to provide it in a much safer environment while monitoring the psychological and subjective parameters while recovering.

Blessing Health turned towards telehealth and remote patient monitoring technology with the vendor CloudDX for a solution. The technology has the ability to provide patients much a safe environment while delivering medical staff with psychological and subjective data. They need to be able to continue with the assistance in the recovery of patients.

This telemedicine kit is easy to plug and play, which is going to connect seamlessly with the peripherals. Moreover, the kit is operating with kiosk mode. It is performing with the intended functions. Thus it is easier with the experience for the patients who are not so well-known with tech knowledge.

The technology is deploying to patients with mild and moderate COVID-19 illness who were discharged from the hospital. This treatment may include steroids, oxygen therapy, and Remdesivir.

As they meet the discharge criteria, they transition them to their home with a CloudDX kit and monitor them. Patients also get the instructions to log to the vitals and complete the surveys during the day. Based on their condition, they can get frequent check-ins with the care team.

As Blessing Health started with rolling out this program in a broader way, it does not yet have the metrics to share yet. The adoption of this new care model and newer technologies is contributing to the success. Blessing Health also intends to measure the stakeholders for the feedback and satisfaction of this project.


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