Amazon and NSF funds $1 million for Healthcare AI Integrity

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NSF and Amazon fund research for fairness in healthcare. It focussed on AI and ML. They awarded $1 million to Duke University and the University of Connecticut.

Duke University and the University of Connecticut are recipients. There are a total of 13 recipients. Healthcare AI Integrity is also the topic of focus for this project.

The universities will get funding in the third round. USA’s NSF and Amazon gave the funding. It will improve access to underserved patients. Patient care will also change for the better. The setting is in hospitals with a high stake.

The third round of fairness in AI funding also adds up to $9.5 million. Many researchers submitted proposals. The last date was 3rd August 2022. The point of focus is theory and algorithms. However, applicants also focussed on principles of human interaction. So it was in interaction with AI.

Duke University led this research. University’s research focussed on the AI framework for helping ill patients. The AI framework is interpretable. The university got $625,000. The research uses AME techniques in machine learning and interpretable policy design. It also includes doctors.

University of Connecticut researchers got $392,994. Their focus is on a large study of health information. It also focuses on bias reduction. The NSF and Amazon launched this program in 2019. It promotes fairness in AI and Machine learning. Attributes such as sensitivity and legal protection are also included.

In the first fairness in AI program, NSF vowed to work on bias-free AI systems. These systems help people check their health. Doctors also get a clear idea of what they are doing. The healthcare system improves.

It is also difficult to balance fairness and efficacy. Researchers tweaked fairness. Increased tweaks in fairness led to less efficacy. We must balance this.

Chris Hemphill is the VP of applied AI and growth at SymphonyRM. He also said that “innocuous-seeming data can reproduce bias in AI”. He told this to Healthcare IT news. Also, this type of research puts light on fairness standards within healthcare. Everyone should get equal access to healthcare systems. Therefore, Healthcare AI Integrity is a topic of utmost importance.

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