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Bon Secours Mercy Health wants to spread compassion. They intend to hire passionate people for the job. They use AI and automation to make this job easier for recruiters.

Bon Secours Mercy Health is one of the largest health systems in the US. Their mission is to spread the compassion and companionship of Jesus. They also want to achieve this by improving the health needs and well-being of a community. This requires an optimum number of medical staff around the clock. They also plan to use AI and automation to help achieve their mission.

The health system, in general, should have very passionate people. Passion is contagious. It spreads like wildfire. The best way to achieve the mission is to hire passionate people. AI and automation can also help recruiters hire passionate people. This is important as there can be a shortage of 450,000 nurses in the US by 2025.

The health firm wants to build a stable and respectful hiring process. They are working to decrease the time of hiring to approximately one week. The inclusion of AI and automation can make hiring a very beautiful and personal process. AI can also help new hires to personalize themselves with the system and the workings of the ministry.

AI and automation can be the deciding factors for good hiring. But they are not the only factors. Intelligence is also very important. It also drives quality and balances the aspect of speed. Intelligence filters people by interests, location, and qualifications. The bias from the system gets removed. The whole process also becomes centralized between both sides.

The health firm operates over a large number of people. It needs flexibility, scalability, and efficiency to do that. AI and automation are the best bet they have. However, the benefits are not only for the staff to enjoy. Patients also enjoy the benefits of AI and automation with a passionate staff.

Eric Van Duren is the Chief Talent Acquisition Officer here. He said that we should be open to change. Also, he advised using new technologies to find better solutions. He emphasized partnership and mutual collaboration for scientific progress. Finally, he said that the best patient care should be the priority.

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